Daily Post photo challenge

This photo is my response to the daily post photo challenge. I think it represents renewal of the spirit, mind, and soul. This is a youth conference in Chesterfield Virginia called Origins conference.



Short stories and Mustaches for the nation!

Good morning I’m sure you all are wondering where the heck are the vlogs! Well I’m sorry I haven’t been on top of it as much as I thought I would. Stay tuned they are coming soon. Today marks week one in my venture to grow a mustache. I thought becoming a dad would give me ancient mustache growing powers, I was gravely mistaken. I originally started growing a mustache just cause, then it was brought to my attention that the whole month of November is about raising awareness for prostate cancer (by growing a mustache). Unfortunately unless you have a microscope you won’t be aware of much, due to my superior sloth-like hair growing skills.

I’m glad to start this day off with a cup of ABP’s finest hazelnut coffee. I get mixed reviews about their coffee selection and quality but for a guy like me, as long as it’s hot and tasts like hazelnut I’m hooked. I would love to spend time in developing my pallet to be able to enjoy the finer side of coffee BUT I’m a busy dad. Coffee for me is like gas for your car. You don’t care about the quality as long as it gets the engine going. HAHA don’t judge me people I’m a simple guy.

In other news my daughter just turned nine months and is still not sleeping through the night. She is the most amazing thing in the world until you get a foot to the ribs at two a.m. She does pretty good but I think it got too cold last night and she needed some cuddling. I’m always available for some baby cuddles. I think we are going to try and make a Christmas family picture this year. I have a above average below amazing camera and would love to set up a place in the home to take some nice pics. I almost forgot I have some good news.  I am giving a try at writing a short story. It’s about a childhood friendship that goes through the melancholies of living in a remote town, only to find out the town isn’t what it seems. I’m excited and will be posting it soon for all to enjoy. The title “I think” is The story of kate and munly”

Well that’s all for this morning I can’t wait for the vlogs to be posted and get your reaction to my lameness/awesomeness. Is it too early to be excited for Christmas! I can’t wait!

Dad signing out…



Daily Prompt: Justify Existence

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

Nature, outdoors, mountains, camping, wide open land, these all came to mind when choosing a topic to write about. Favorite person place or thing, ugh this is not easy. Should it be easier I ask myself? Should I have something in my life that is so compelling I don’t have to conjure up something. A person place or thing that is influential, and remarkable. Something that compels me to write about is hard to choose. My wife or my daughter it comes down too. I must choose. Ok I’m ready.

You all must know about my daughter. Is it the fact I need to tell you about her so convincingly so she doesn’t vanish? Or is it because if I don’t and she does, I would be left with my wife. It seems that either way I choose I’m left with a dreaded consequence if my writing isn’t good enough. All I can do is try my best, so here you go.

The way she graciously caresses your cheek while falling asleep, the way she looks at you and seems to relax all your internal thoughts. The way even though her crying could wake a corpse you feel compelled to comfort her. The way she explores her world so big and yet so small; the way her eyes carry innocence and wonder as if life is perfect and faultless. She isn’t just a baby, or a human. She is a miracle. Of course I’m biased towards her I’m her father, but I think this is ok. All children should be viewed in the same light, as miracles and blessings to the world. We have plenty of grumpy adults, we need more babies. I feel as though one word can justify her existence, love. Love is justified though action but also though internal existence. It seems to just be there whether we choose it to be or not.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

It’s the turn of the century and the economy is booming, except for rural Connecticut. Roy jones, the father of two loving children Jack and Mary, is headed off to the post office. His wife Suzanne takes a picture to remember the blissful evening. Suzanne is more of an optimist than Roy. Roy works hard for his money and sees life as a constant competition. Always looking for new ways to prosper and never really enjoying his current blessings. Their lives are full of nightly news while eating TV dinners’, Saturday walks to the post office and occasional visits to the town’s church on Sunday. Their lives are what many of us would call normal maybe even boring. Except for one thing, Roy isn’t who he says he is. In fact Roy is actually James McGorwin undercover CIA agent. Why is the CIA in Connecticut? Why is Roy living a double life? Does Suzanne know his real name and chosen career path? We may never know…

This is a story worth telling just not for me to tell. I hope you enjoyed my take on this week’s writing challenge. Tune in next week for more funny posts.

New Page and New Phase welcome to my life!

Welcome back I hope you have enjoyed yourself so far. I have exciting news for the future of Daily Dad Matters. Although I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like I am adding a Vlog page. Yes that’s right people I will be talking to you face to face about random stuffs. They will be short videos mostly comprised of funny events or maybe just some rambling. I can’t wait to get started and I hope you enjoy!


I am keeping a vlog for Eliana. I call it the baby diaries. It’s me talking to her and telling her about what’s going on in that moment. I hope to show her the collection of vlogs when she is older, maybe when she is about to go to college. It just might give her encouragement and will ultimately let her know how much I truly love her. I might be old fashion when it comes to family values and structure but I take pride in being a young dad. I feel like I have an added advantage by not being “out dated”. I am current with technology trends and hopefully can keep up with my kids when they get a little older. I know one day they will out do me and that’s ok. I look forward to that day. They better take care of me dang-it; I’ve been changing diapers for a while and still have many years ahead of me.


Anyways, I am excited for the vlog page and If you don’t already follow me on twitter I think you would thoroughly enjoy it. I tweet probably too much and most of the tweets are about coffee! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.




Dad signing out…

5 products I recommend for new dads.

5 products I recommend for new dads.

1. A “manly” diaper bag

Get yourself a “manly” diaper bag (a satchel). I have been caught too many times with my wife’s diaper bag and it’s just embarrassing. Here’s a helpful hint you only need to bring a few items. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and food. If it’s a short trip pack a snack if it’s a long trip double up on everything and hope for the best. My wife and I have consolidated to using two small bags, both about the size of an Ipad. One is used for food and accessories, the other for diapers and accessories. The diaper bag is a way of the past trust me, you don’t need twelve thousand pockets for a bunch of stuff you don’t even need.

2. Organization

Babies require a ton of random stuff, and all that stuff needs to be kept neatly stored. Or you room will look like a hurricane came through (too soon?). Get yourself some cubby organizers followed by tons of baskets and drawers. Baby stuff is small so having cubbies and baskets makes it easy to separate and organize. Target and Ikea have modular storage solutions that are affordable and come in an array of colors. Get organized and stay on top of it.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Men we don’t always exercise the best hygiene habits. Having several bottles of hand sanitizer is very handy. Just got home from a long day at work, sanitize then give baby hugs and kisses, proceed to the bathroom for a more thorough cleaning. Late night diaper change get something icky on your finger wipe off using wipey then sanitize. Doing chores in the yard and wifey bring baby to visit for some kisses, sanitize (using pocket sized bottle) then proceed. The uses and scenarios are endless. Trust me men get some and make greedy baby snatching family members use it too!

4. Coffee or tea

I can’t stress this enough. You will get tired and you need some help. Get some coffee or tea and keep a stash in your cubicle. There are days where you will feel like superman having tons of energy from only four hours of sleep. Most days you will feel like a zombie running on fumes. I like sleepy time and any coffee that tastes like hazelnut. It does get better when baby starts to sleep through the night. Then you will be like me and have another baby in order to defy the laws of sanity and never sleep.

5. Camera

Trust me you want to record as much as possible via photo and video. Using your phone is nice but investing in a nice camera will pay for itself fast. For everyday stuff I just use my phone but when we plan an outing I bring the big guns. I use the Nikon D3000, no video but amazing pictures. Take the time to learn the camera you do get so you can take the best quality pics as possible. Although time seems to slow down your baby grows fast. One day their a new born the next their walking. Capture as much footage as possible and reflect on them often, it’s good for the sole.

That’s it for now let know what you think of this list and check out my other posts for more inspirational and uplifting content.

Morning joe with a side of NEW BABY!

One of my favorite comedians said “you know what it feels like to have four kids, it’s like swimming and someone throws you a baby” –Jim Gaffigan. Well folks I’m a daddy AGAIN! That’s right baby number two is in the oven and Shaina and I are so excited. Scared, worried, anxious, and nervous are all emotions I thought I wouldn’t deal with this time around. I have found this not to be true. In fact I am just as concerned this time as I was with Eliana. I am glad I have the experience and the knowledge now to be prepared, but it’s still a baby. This baby is still going to start out small and fragile and I have to step up and do my part. Being excited is an understatement. I feel as though I have been given this responsibility as a blessing, as a sign that maybe I’m good at this. Maybe I can be trusted to take care of this new baby. I know what you’re thinking “yea why not you’re the dad”. Well I see it as a mission, a journey, a process of personal growth that I have to concur. And I love every minute of it.

Along with a second child comes added responsibility and added stuff. Babies need stuff. So much stuff it is actually overwhelming. Forget taking out a loan for college, or a car, in this day in age you practically need a eighth job just to support the baby. I’m talking diapers, food, toys, strollers, cribs, changing tables, the wonderful diaper genie, clothes, and time. Time is the one item we wish we all had more of. I honestly don’t know how we do it. If I could get paid for time management skills I would be a billionaire. Multitasking isn’t just a thing you do it’s the only way you know how to operate. Brushing your teeth while holding a baby and putting on your clothes all at the same time. There are levels I never thought were possible and yet I break through them every day.

With this exciting news I am ever more encouraged to blog. Yes it will take up all of my time and I won’t be able to post as often but we will have to see what happens. I enjoy sharing stories, pictures and my thoughts about my crazy life.  For now I will continue to rant on here like a crazed maniac who happens to be a dad. I hope you have a great hump day and drink some #hazelnut!

Dad signing out…

Morning joe with a side of dysfunctional reality!

Hello one and all, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. For some reason I am so excited and happy about this day. I don’t know why, in fact I didn’t get good sleep (again with the baby’s foot to the ribs) and I have work all day. This is crazy really why should I be filled with hope about today when everything about today has gone “wrong”. I think it’s a sheer disconnect with reality. I am living in my own world today totally oblivious to my surroundings and situation. Hahaha not really people come on that would be crazy… I did however get my morning joe #hazelnut and let me just say, delicious! There is a café that opened up where I work called Au Bon Pain commonly called ABP. Let me just say this place is expensive but sooooo good for the soul. I’m talkin pastries, made to order sandwiches, and coffee, really good coffee. Some might say “o’ yea ABP I’ve been there, it’s nothing special”. Well there wrong it’s a gift sent from heaven with the purpose of making me and solely me happy. Ok ok others can join in on the merriment, it’s too good to hoard.
Agenda for today: look into degree programs for psychology (I want to help people as best I can), drink mass amounts of coffee (hazelnut), talk with coworkers about the mysteries of life (actually about food) (I like food), plan a date night with wifey (I’m thinking sometime next week), blog and keep blogging in order to feed the minds of the masses (seriously you people are relentless) but I love you all. Consider doing a photo challenge (take photos), update the travel page (put more locations on it), thank my followers for their unending support (thank-you)
I should probably get back to work and do something productive. I might post something later this evening so keep stopping by to get your fill. I truly enjoy talking to yall and can’t wait to respond to your comments and feedback!
Dad signing out…