Mobile blogging and my thoughts

So today I’m blogging from my iPhone and lets just say it ain’t the easiest thing in the world. I really like the ability post via a mobile devise cause I mean come on that’s just awesome, but after a while my hands get crampy. Today Shaina the baby and I traveled a leisurely drive to VA beach via 460. I love taking this back road way due to several reasons. 1 it’s more scenic 2 it’s a slower speed BUT no traffic so you get there in the same amount of time and 3 I’m old fashion like that. I love taking the off the beaten rout and taking the family on road trips and such. You know roughing it a bit never hurt anyone. Any ways Ellie is now enjoying her nap time while comfortably lying on my chest. I am suffocating and need I place her in her crib. Ok we’ll off I go until next time folks!

Dad signing out…
Here are some apple pies Shaina and I made!