iPad Mini Review

I am writing to you from my new iPad mini today! Yes that’s right my very own iPad mini. I love it and all it’s glory. I wanted to do a review on it which is turning out to be more of my biased opinion of how great it is. I will start by saying I think apple as a company is diminishing with stock going down and product availability limiting, how many more “next big things” can they roll out with. Until. Then I will thoroughly enjoy every minute of this new fan dangled thingy called an iPad!
It’s fast accurate and bright. Multitasking capabilities seem to lack as far as multiple one screen applications, you can switch back and forth between apps but that gets tedious. I do love the shear magnitude of app availability. Not just simple apps I’m talking 21st century breaking boundaries apps.
I love this thing if you haven’t been able to tell let me know what you think. What do you use your iPad for and if you don’t have one let me know why? Price, usefulness, what…

That’s all for now I have lunch calling my name!



Tips for dads with a one year old!

I’m coming to you via my mobile devise today. Although I don’t enjoy it as much as using a laptop it does a great job. Tips for dads number 156 EAR PLUGS. Get a pair keep them with you at all times. I’m currently waiting for mommy to get done shopping and have a crying baby girl on my hands. It’s nap time and as soon as the car starts rolling again she will be sound asleep. I must say don’t neglect your kid but at least save your sanity with some cheap earplugs! That’s all for now.


Goodbye Old Hello New

It’s insurmountable the roller coaster of feelings I have experienced in 2012. Many highs followed by many lows. Life is like that at times. I think in some ways it’s how your character is shaped. I officially bid farewell to 2012 and move swiftly towards a new year of fatherhood in 2013. This year has already begun on the right foot in several ways. The wifey and I have decided after much procrastination to attend a weekly finance counseling class. Getting our budget and spending habits honed has always been on the back burner. We feel in order to receive blessing we must stay committed and devote ourselves more than ever before. I truly think this year is the year in which we encounter Gods will for our lives as parents, individuals, and a family unit. I excited and ready!

11 Month EllieOur family is growing faster than ever. Ellie is 11 months old and we have another baby girl in the oven. We are ecstatic to take on this blessing and challenge in the coming year. Wow 2 under 2 some say it’s terrible I say bring it on. Shaina and I have been married for almost 4 years now and our lives and family dynamic has made changes by leaps and bound in just the past year. At times it has been difficult but with change has come opportunities to help each other out. We started doing a nightly devotional not just to read and fall asleep immediately after but to encourage conversation. I am one to bottle emotions up and by sticking to our routine we are able to talk about the day and go to sleep feeling refreshed and content.

I still enjoy being a dad and in some ways I feel experienced and in other I still feel very “new”.  It’s amazing the bond between Ellie and I, and the depth of relationship between Shaina and I. We have grown closer as a family by truly devoting ourselves to one another and sacrificing our pride in many of the little situations of life. I think it’s amazing and encouraging. We feel like parents and we know it’s more than an obligation it’s a conscious everyday decision, a blessing, and a choice. To be the best parent I can be seems like the only option I have and it’s comes naturally which I am thankful for.

I plan on continuing my blog and updating you all on the happenings of my life. I also pledge to be more encouraging to new dads in 2013. I like feedback so feel free to ask questions and hope you continue to enjoying Daily Dad Matters.

Christmas and the life of “DAD”

Well folks it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted something and a lot has happened. Let’s find out together!

To start I got laid-off from my job so that’s great right before Christmas. Luckily I had several months saved to cover bills and living expenses. The truth is I am so happy. I feel free from the sludge that job put in my life. If you ever want a life draining black hole of a job become a telemetry technician. Anyways enough with the job ranting, I bet you want an update on Ellie. IMG_0710She is 10 months now. Yea can you believe it? It’s amazing she is almost walking by-herself.

I have decided to go back to school, due to Shaina almost being done with her schooling. I honestly feel like I’m turning a new leaf. I have always struggled with what to do in life as a career. The problem is I can see myself doing anything I set my mind to. It’s quite the predicament actually. Life has its ways of being exciting and challenging at the same time!

As far as blogging goes, I still enjoy it. I think it’s therapeutic and continues to provide joy. I obviously will be blogging less and less as my life gets busier. BUT that is ok. I’ve realized that life is sometimes too short to even blog. Haha I am trying to capture the moment and live life in the moment more and more. I would love to start doing more themed blog posts, and in the effort of this my next post will be about Christmas. Not just my ranting’s, or because it’s that season but because I think we all should remember what Christmas is really about.IMG_0719

I hope that as I explore the true meaning of Christmas I would gain something from it something more than delicious eggnog and the Kings “Blue Christmas”

New ideas are festering while the night shift rolls on.

As you all know I am fond of blogging. I like to write about many things, what I’m feeling, thinking, or even doing. Sometimes I write without a purpose and sometimes I try to have some sort of direction. Anyways I wanted to update you all on my latest endeavor. I am currently brainstorming and getting ideas for a new website. I will keep this blog for my usual ranting and ravings and writing challenges, but the new site has more direction. I am thinking about making a self hosted website for new/young/experienced dads. I want an online place where a dad can go for direction, tips, product reviews, and general advise. My ideas so far have lead me to create something that could be super useful and practical. I’m thinking video tutorials on set up and break down of commonly used items such as strollers, cribs, and miscellaneous stuff. It might not sound exciting on paper but man I can’t wait to get started. First thing on the check list acquire more time. Invent the 25 hour day so I can get more done. HAHA I better be careful what I wish for. Ok well that’s it for this post I’ve been working another night shift and am ready to go home and crash. Let me know what your thoughts on this new website. Is there a need? What kind of information should I put out there? How should I package the whole idea? Thanks for all your help and support!

dad signing out…

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been a family filled event. This year was amazing for many reasons food being the most important, not really. Of course the answer is family. “I am thankful for my family right”? As I sit and ponder this question “What am I thankful for” I can’t help but remember my childhood.

It would be cold outside not to uncomfortable the perfect temperature for a runny nose but not limiting the fun in any way. As a kid I remember being at my grandparents’ house running around the backyard with my cousins., playing in piles of leaves, riding a bike around, swinging under the trees, and drinking way too much hot coco. We would snack all day on crackers and cheese spread, Chex mix and other delectable confectionary treats. This year however is different. I feel different. Is it because my family is spread all over the states? Is it because I’m a dad now and have a baby girl to take care of? Is this feeling I have due to situational changes or internal perspective changes? I am older now, I do have a broader scope of what life is all about, and my perspective has changed since childhood. It’s funny because you can never prepare for these types of changes in life. Sometimes even though everything is the same it can feel different. This year wasn’t about what I’m thankful for honestly. This year for me was about discovery. It was about realization, and a since of grounding. I feel stable almost as if my life is just where it needs to be. For some of us it’s hard to be ok with this concept. Always wanting the next best thing or the next upgrade “a life upgrade”, If only we had a bigger house, or a better car, some may say.  With black Friday practically taking over Thanksgiving our society seems blatantly greedy. Thanksgiving should be a time of peace, a time when family’s come together regardless of circumstances and simply be together. I know this isn’t possible for everyone so if that’s you I’m sorry and hope you can at least enjoy the day to the best of your ability.

Sometimes I get to rambling and I let the typing flow. Blogging therapy I call it. This year’s Thanksgiving was amazing and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Ellie had her first turkey leg and I beat my dad in a game of darts, which never happens, all in all a success. The best part of turkey day is having left overs for the next month.  What’s your favorite thanksgiving dish? Mine is the homemade mashed potatoes, followed by stuffing and cranberry sauce covering my piece of turkey!

Dad signing out…

Mobile blogging and my thoughts

So today I’m blogging from my iPhone and lets just say it ain’t the easiest thing in the world. I really like the ability post via a mobile devise cause I mean come on that’s just awesome, but after a while my hands get crampy. Today Shaina the baby and I traveled a leisurely drive to VA beach via 460. I love taking this back road way due to several reasons. 1 it’s more scenic 2 it’s a slower speed BUT no traffic so you get there in the same amount of time and 3 I’m old fashion like that. I love taking the off the beaten rout and taking the family on road trips and such. You know roughing it a bit never hurt anyone. Any ways Ellie is now enjoying her nap time while comfortably lying on my chest. I am suffocating and need I place her in her crib. Ok we’ll off I go until next time folks!

Dad signing out…
Here are some apple pies Shaina and I made!


Family mixed with LIFE welcome again Nation!

Well well well what do we have here? Are you reading this blog in hopes for comedic enjoyment? You may have stumbled upon quite the site. I am thrilled to bring you funny inspirational tid bits of info from my life. So today I want to talk about not only being a dad but being a great dad. What makes a great dad? Is it being there for you kids when they need you most? Is it being there for you wife? Is it trying your best when you don’t feel like it? I think the difference between a good dad and a great dad is a dad who sees the big picture.

We are not by any means perfect but we can be well rounded, by seeing the big picture in any given situation you can be a great dad. I don’t think it’s about spoiling your kids or giving in to what your spouse always wants. It’s about seeing the bigger picture. Taking the high road I guess. Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable if we focused our attention on serving others and not ourselves? Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge myself in impulse Starbucks buys, and quick dollar sweet teas from “the Dons” but what about an argument. It’s hard to hold your tongue and let your spouse or child give you there two cents, but the peace and understanding you can bring in that moment by holding back can be astounding. The reward by showing leadership in the small areas of our lives is worth more than the selfish “win” of a meaningless argument.

As the dad it’s our responsibility to set an example and lead the family in a proactive healthy direction. Sometimes it hurts our EGO’s to let go or “lose” an argument. I’ll let you in on a little secrete. You are the one who says your “loosing” or “less of a man, if your wife is right” Once you realize that and move on you can use humbled love to work through the argument instead of selfish pride, which never ends well. I am always struggling to hold my tongue and work things out by communicating properly, but I know I can cultivate a healthy life amongst my family by doing so.

Sorry for the ranting it’s just what’s on my mind this morning. In other news my morning is going swell. I had my hazelnut coffee from ABP and am hard at work, blogging to you peoples. I am also actually at my amazing job in which I will have an amazing day working, and need to get back to that so for now I bid you adieu.

PS: Here is a pic of my new haircut and Ellie’s new jacket!

Dad signing out…

One Step Away

Hey peoples just another wonderful post for your enjoyment. I went kinda freelance with this not really sure what it’s supposed to be. I’m not a poet or a very good writer but I enjoy getting my thoughts out. Please enjoy this post idea from the Daily Post!

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post.


One step away from losing it

One step away from giving up

One step away from defeat


One step away from fear

One step away from doubt

One step away from worry

One step away from hopeless

One step away from help

One step away from understanding

One step away from renewal

One step away from hope


One step away from truth

One step away from life