iPad Mini Review

I am writing to you from my new iPad mini today! Yes that’s right my very own iPad mini. I love it and all it’s glory. I wanted to do a review on it which is turning out to be more of my biased opinion of how great it is. I will start by saying I think apple as a company is diminishing with stock going down and product availability limiting, how many more “next big things” can they roll out with. Until. Then I will thoroughly enjoy every minute of this new fan dangled thingy called an iPad!
It’s fast accurate and bright. Multitasking capabilities seem to lack as far as multiple one screen applications, you can switch back and forth between apps but that gets tedious. I do love the shear magnitude of app availability. Not just simple apps I’m talking 21st century breaking boundaries apps.
I love this thing if you haven’t been able to tell let me know what you think. What do you use your iPad for and if you don’t have one let me know why? Price, usefulness, what…

That’s all for now I have lunch calling my name!



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