Goodbye Old Hello New

It’s insurmountable the roller coaster of feelings I have experienced in 2012. Many highs followed by many lows. Life is like that at times. I think in some ways it’s how your character is shaped. I officially bid farewell to 2012 and move swiftly towards a new year of fatherhood in 2013. This year has already begun on the right foot in several ways. The wifey and I have decided after much procrastination to attend a weekly finance counseling class. Getting our budget and spending habits honed has always been on the back burner. We feel in order to receive blessing we must stay committed and devote ourselves more than ever before. I truly think this year is the year in which we encounter Gods will for our lives as parents, individuals, and a family unit. I excited and ready!

11 Month EllieOur family is growing faster than ever. Ellie is 11 months old and we have another baby girl in the oven. We are ecstatic to take on this blessing and challenge in the coming year. Wow 2 under 2 some say it’s terrible I say bring it on. Shaina and I have been married for almost 4 years now and our lives and family dynamic has made changes by leaps and bound in just the past year. At times it has been difficult but with change has come opportunities to help each other out. We started doing a nightly devotional not just to read and fall asleep immediately after but to encourage conversation. I am one to bottle emotions up and by sticking to our routine we are able to talk about the day and go to sleep feeling refreshed and content.

I still enjoy being a dad and in some ways I feel experienced and in other I still feel very “new”.  It’s amazing the bond between Ellie and I, and the depth of relationship between Shaina and I. We have grown closer as a family by truly devoting ourselves to one another and sacrificing our pride in many of the little situations of life. I think it’s amazing and encouraging. We feel like parents and we know it’s more than an obligation it’s a conscious everyday decision, a blessing, and a choice. To be the best parent I can be seems like the only option I have and it’s comes naturally which I am thankful for.

I plan on continuing my blog and updating you all on the happenings of my life. I also pledge to be more encouraging to new dads in 2013. I like feedback so feel free to ask questions and hope you continue to enjoying Daily Dad Matters.


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