Christmas and the life of “DAD”

Well folks it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted something and a lot has happened. Let’s find out together!

To start I got laid-off from my job so that’s great right before Christmas. Luckily I had several months saved to cover bills and living expenses. The truth is I am so happy. I feel free from the sludge that job put in my life. If you ever want a life draining black hole of a job become a telemetry technician. Anyways enough with the job ranting, I bet you want an update on Ellie. IMG_0710She is 10 months now. Yea can you believe it? It’s amazing she is almost walking by-herself.

I have decided to go back to school, due to Shaina almost being done with her schooling. I honestly feel like I’m turning a new leaf. I have always struggled with what to do in life as a career. The problem is I can see myself doing anything I set my mind to. It’s quite the predicament actually. Life has its ways of being exciting and challenging at the same time!

As far as blogging goes, I still enjoy it. I think it’s therapeutic and continues to provide joy. I obviously will be blogging less and less as my life gets busier. BUT that is ok. I’ve realized that life is sometimes too short to even blog. Haha I am trying to capture the moment and live life in the moment more and more. I would love to start doing more themed blog posts, and in the effort of this my next post will be about Christmas. Not just my ranting’s, or because it’s that season but because I think we all should remember what Christmas is really about.IMG_0719

I hope that as I explore the true meaning of Christmas I would gain something from it something more than delicious eggnog and the Kings “Blue Christmas”


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