New ideas are festering while the night shift rolls on.

As you all know I am fond of blogging. I like to write about many things, what I’m feeling, thinking, or even doing. Sometimes I write without a purpose and sometimes I try to have some sort of direction. Anyways I wanted to update you all on my latest endeavor. I am currently brainstorming and getting ideas for a new website. I will keep this blog for my usual ranting and ravings and writing challenges, but the new site has more direction. I am thinking about making a self hosted website for new/young/experienced dads. I want an online place where a dad can go for direction, tips, product reviews, and general advise. My ideas so far have lead me to create something that could be super useful and practical. I’m thinking video tutorials on set up and break down of commonly used items such as strollers, cribs, and miscellaneous stuff. It might not sound exciting on paper but man I can’t wait to get started. First thing on the check list acquire more time. Invent the 25 hour day so I can get more done. HAHA I better be careful what I wish for. Ok well that’s it for this post I’ve been working another night shift and am ready to go home and crash. Let me know what your thoughts on this new website. Is there a need? What kind of information should I put out there? How should I package the whole idea? Thanks for all your help and support!

dad signing out…


One thought on “New ideas are festering while the night shift rolls on.

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