Giving thanks on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been a family filled event. This year was amazing for many reasons food being the most important, not really. Of course the answer is family. “I am thankful for my family right”? As I sit and ponder this question “What am I thankful for” I can’t help but remember my childhood.

It would be cold outside not to uncomfortable the perfect temperature for a runny nose but not limiting the fun in any way. As a kid I remember being at my grandparents’ house running around the backyard with my cousins., playing in piles of leaves, riding a bike around, swinging under the trees, and drinking way too much hot coco. We would snack all day on crackers and cheese spread, Chex mix and other delectable confectionary treats. This year however is different. I feel different. Is it because my family is spread all over the states? Is it because I’m a dad now and have a baby girl to take care of? Is this feeling I have due to situational changes or internal perspective changes? I am older now, I do have a broader scope of what life is all about, and my perspective has changed since childhood. It’s funny because you can never prepare for these types of changes in life. Sometimes even though everything is the same it can feel different. This year wasn’t about what I’m thankful for honestly. This year for me was about discovery. It was about realization, and a since of grounding. I feel stable almost as if my life is just where it needs to be. For some of us it’s hard to be ok with this concept. Always wanting the next best thing or the next upgrade “a life upgrade”, If only we had a bigger house, or a better car, some may say.  With black Friday practically taking over Thanksgiving our society seems blatantly greedy. Thanksgiving should be a time of peace, a time when family’s come together regardless of circumstances and simply be together. I know this isn’t possible for everyone so if that’s you I’m sorry and hope you can at least enjoy the day to the best of your ability.

Sometimes I get to rambling and I let the typing flow. Blogging therapy I call it. This year’s Thanksgiving was amazing and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Ellie had her first turkey leg and I beat my dad in a game of darts, which never happens, all in all a success. The best part of turkey day is having left overs for the next month.  What’s your favorite thanksgiving dish? Mine is the homemade mashed potatoes, followed by stuffing and cranberry sauce covering my piece of turkey!

Dad signing out…


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