Family mixed with LIFE welcome again Nation!

Well well well what do we have here? Are you reading this blog in hopes for comedic enjoyment? You may have stumbled upon quite the site. I am thrilled to bring you funny inspirational tid bits of info from my life. So today I want to talk about not only being a dad but being a great dad. What makes a great dad? Is it being there for you kids when they need you most? Is it being there for you wife? Is it trying your best when you don’t feel like it? I think the difference between a good dad and a great dad is a dad who sees the big picture.

We are not by any means perfect but we can be well rounded, by seeing the big picture in any given situation you can be a great dad. I don’t think it’s about spoiling your kids or giving in to what your spouse always wants. It’s about seeing the bigger picture. Taking the high road I guess. Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable if we focused our attention on serving others and not ourselves? Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge myself in impulse Starbucks buys, and quick dollar sweet teas from “the Dons” but what about an argument. It’s hard to hold your tongue and let your spouse or child give you there two cents, but the peace and understanding you can bring in that moment by holding back can be astounding. The reward by showing leadership in the small areas of our lives is worth more than the selfish “win” of a meaningless argument.

As the dad it’s our responsibility to set an example and lead the family in a proactive healthy direction. Sometimes it hurts our EGO’s to let go or “lose” an argument. I’ll let you in on a little secrete. You are the one who says your “loosing” or “less of a man, if your wife is right” Once you realize that and move on you can use humbled love to work through the argument instead of selfish pride, which never ends well. I am always struggling to hold my tongue and work things out by communicating properly, but I know I can cultivate a healthy life amongst my family by doing so.

Sorry for the ranting it’s just what’s on my mind this morning. In other news my morning is going swell. I had my hazelnut coffee from ABP and am hard at work, blogging to you peoples. I am also actually at my amazing job in which I will have an amazing day working, and need to get back to that so for now I bid you adieu.

PS: Here is a pic of my new haircut and Ellie’s new jacket!

Dad signing out…


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