Short stories and Mustaches for the nation!

Good morning I’m sure you all are wondering where the heck are the vlogs! Well I’m sorry I haven’t been on top of it as much as I thought I would. Stay tuned they are coming soon. Today marks week one in my venture to grow a mustache. I thought becoming a dad would give me ancient mustache growing powers, I was gravely mistaken. I originally started growing a mustache just cause, then it was brought to my attention that the whole month of November is about raising awareness for prostate cancer (by growing a mustache). Unfortunately unless you have a microscope you won’t be aware of much, due to my superior sloth-like hair growing skills.

I’m glad to start this day off with a cup of ABP’s finest hazelnut coffee. I get mixed reviews about their coffee selection and quality but for a guy like me, as long as it’s hot and tasts like hazelnut I’m hooked. I would love to spend time in developing my pallet to be able to enjoy the finer side of coffee BUT I’m a busy dad. Coffee for me is like gas for your car. You don’t care about the quality as long as it gets the engine going. HAHA don’t judge me people I’m a simple guy.

In other news my daughter just turned nine months and is still not sleeping through the night. She is the most amazing thing in the world until you get a foot to the ribs at two a.m. She does pretty good but I think it got too cold last night and she needed some cuddling. I’m always available for some baby cuddles. I think we are going to try and make a Christmas family picture this year. I have a above average below amazing camera and would love to set up a place in the home to take some nice pics. I almost forgot I have some good news.  I am giving a try at writing a short story. It’s about a childhood friendship that goes through the melancholies of living in a remote town, only to find out the town isn’t what it seems. I’m excited and will be posting it soon for all to enjoy. The title “I think” is The story of kate and munly”

Well that’s all for this morning I can’t wait for the vlogs to be posted and get your reaction to my lameness/awesomeness. Is it too early to be excited for Christmas! I can’t wait!

Dad signing out…




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