New Page and New Phase welcome to my life!

Welcome back I hope you have enjoyed yourself so far. I have exciting news for the future of Daily Dad Matters. Although I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like I am adding a Vlog page. Yes that’s right people I will be talking to you face to face about random stuffs. They will be short videos mostly comprised of funny events or maybe just some rambling. I can’t wait to get started and I hope you enjoy!


I am keeping a vlog for Eliana. I call it the baby diaries. It’s me talking to her and telling her about what’s going on in that moment. I hope to show her the collection of vlogs when she is older, maybe when she is about to go to college. It just might give her encouragement and will ultimately let her know how much I truly love her. I might be old fashion when it comes to family values and structure but I take pride in being a young dad. I feel like I have an added advantage by not being “out dated”. I am current with technology trends and hopefully can keep up with my kids when they get a little older. I know one day they will out do me and that’s ok. I look forward to that day. They better take care of me dang-it; I’ve been changing diapers for a while and still have many years ahead of me.


Anyways, I am excited for the vlog page and If you don’t already follow me on twitter I think you would thoroughly enjoy it. I tweet probably too much and most of the tweets are about coffee! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.




Dad signing out…


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