5 products I recommend for new dads.

5 products I recommend for new dads.

1. A “manly” diaper bag

Get yourself a “manly” diaper bag (a satchel). I have been caught too many times with my wife’s diaper bag and it’s just embarrassing. Here’s a helpful hint you only need to bring a few items. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and food. If it’s a short trip pack a snack if it’s a long trip double up on everything and hope for the best. My wife and I have consolidated to using two small bags, both about the size of an Ipad. One is used for food and accessories, the other for diapers and accessories. The diaper bag is a way of the past trust me, you don’t need twelve thousand pockets for a bunch of stuff you don’t even need.

2. Organization

Babies require a ton of random stuff, and all that stuff needs to be kept neatly stored. Or you room will look like a hurricane came through (too soon?). Get yourself some cubby organizers followed by tons of baskets and drawers. Baby stuff is small so having cubbies and baskets makes it easy to separate and organize. Target and Ikea have modular storage solutions that are affordable and come in an array of colors. Get organized and stay on top of it.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Men we don’t always exercise the best hygiene habits. Having several bottles of hand sanitizer is very handy. Just got home from a long day at work, sanitize then give baby hugs and kisses, proceed to the bathroom for a more thorough cleaning. Late night diaper change get something icky on your finger wipe off using wipey then sanitize. Doing chores in the yard and wifey bring baby to visit for some kisses, sanitize (using pocket sized bottle) then proceed. The uses and scenarios are endless. Trust me men get some and make greedy baby snatching family members use it too!

4. Coffee or tea

I can’t stress this enough. You will get tired and you need some help. Get some coffee or tea and keep a stash in your cubicle. There are days where you will feel like superman having tons of energy from only four hours of sleep. Most days you will feel like a zombie running on fumes. I like sleepy time and any coffee that tastes like hazelnut. It does get better when baby starts to sleep through the night. Then you will be like me and have another baby in order to defy the laws of sanity and never sleep.

5. Camera

Trust me you want to record as much as possible via photo and video. Using your phone is nice but investing in a nice camera will pay for itself fast. For everyday stuff I just use my phone but when we plan an outing I bring the big guns. I use the Nikon D3000, no video but amazing pictures. Take the time to learn the camera you do get so you can take the best quality pics as possible. Although time seems to slow down your baby grows fast. One day their a new born the next their walking. Capture as much footage as possible and reflect on them often, it’s good for the sole.

That’s it for now let know what you think of this list and check out my other posts for more inspirational and uplifting content.


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