Morning joe with a side of dysfunctional reality!

Hello one and all, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. For some reason I am so excited and happy about this day. I don’t know why, in fact I didn’t get good sleep (again with the baby’s foot to the ribs) and I have work all day. This is crazy really why should I be filled with hope about today when everything about today has gone “wrong”. I think it’s a sheer disconnect with reality. I am living in my own world today totally oblivious to my surroundings and situation. Hahaha not really people come on that would be crazy… I did however get my morning joe #hazelnut and let me just say, delicious! There is a café that opened up where I work called Au Bon Pain commonly called ABP. Let me just say this place is expensive but sooooo good for the soul. I’m talkin pastries, made to order sandwiches, and coffee, really good coffee. Some might say “o’ yea ABP I’ve been there, it’s nothing special”. Well there wrong it’s a gift sent from heaven with the purpose of making me and solely me happy. Ok ok others can join in on the merriment, it’s too good to hoard.
Agenda for today: look into degree programs for psychology (I want to help people as best I can), drink mass amounts of coffee (hazelnut), talk with coworkers about the mysteries of life (actually about food) (I like food), plan a date night with wifey (I’m thinking sometime next week), blog and keep blogging in order to feed the minds of the masses (seriously you people are relentless) but I love you all. Consider doing a photo challenge (take photos), update the travel page (put more locations on it), thank my followers for their unending support (thank-you)
I should probably get back to work and do something productive. I might post something later this evening so keep stopping by to get your fill. I truly enjoy talking to yall and can’t wait to respond to your comments and feedback!
Dad signing out…




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