Good morning nation!

Good morning, yesterday was overall a great day but had some speed bumps along the way. I was going to sell my car at 1pm after church, turns out the guy never showed up. What a jerk I even tried calling and of course no answer. I’m ok with it though, I know it will sell eventually, heck I might even take it to the junk yard and try to get 500 bucks from there. We will have to wait and see. Other than that I finished a huge load of laundry. Yes guys, a dude doing laundry unheard of right? Wrong, welcome to the 21st century, welcome to (your wife is getting her second master’s degree and you haven’t even started school yet). The reality is I married smart. Yup one day I will be resting peacefully at home while she goes off to work hmm. Wow “wake up Logan” haha that would never happen with all the kids we have slash (will have). A stay at home dad or mom in today’s world is a full time job and has been for well as long as there have been kids. (and I can’t wait) I do plan on going back to school full time once my wife finishes her stuff next year. My current job isn’t bad at all, in fact it pays the bills and I’m very thankful for that. I just have a burden for helping people and I think going into psychology will allow me to better accomplish that desire. Either a therapist or maybe in the hospital as a psychologist who knows the possibilities are limitless. Well today is starting out great, I love my morning blogging time while baby bear and momma bear sleep. I am working on another list. Yes that’s right you heard it a list. I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what it’s about; you’ll just have to visit me again sometime today to find out. As always thanks for reading my ranting.

Dad signing out…




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