5 encouraging words for new dads!

5 encouraging words for new dads


  • You are doing great even if you don’t think you are.
    • Dad’s listen up, you must realize that this thing called “raising a kid” isn’t easy. There is no manual like your beloved project car in the garage. There are no pause and restart from beginning. Heck most of the time you’re hanging on by a thread wondering if you are even cut out for this. Let me tell you something I wish someone told me. You are the only one for the job. Sure there is a mommy that can take care of baby too probably better than you, but you specifically you (dad) are a one of a kind. The fact you try, the fact you don’t give up, the fact that you care and go out of your way means everything in the world to your baby, even though the little squirt can’t thank you. Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes (and you will make some, or many), and keep going. You and your baby share the same DNA and that’s important. Be the man, father, caretaker, shoulder to lean on, listener, and companion your baby and wife need. Step up and be the man you know you can be.


  • Take one day at a time (trust me that’s all you can handle)
    • Guys, dads, you must shift your thinking to a smaller more humbling spot. Day to day maybe even hour by hour. Don’t waste time thinking about tomorrow or worrying about yesterday when all that matters is now. Your baby needs you now and your wife could use a refill of ice now. Ok let me explain there is nothing you can do today to change tomorrow so why waste time thinking about it. If you can focus on the now you will enjoy your life more abundantly. You won’t miss all the little nuances that go on in your baby’s day. The precious irreplaceable moments frozen in time, that are worthy of your full attention. You will be happier and feel more balanced when at the end of your day you rest calmly knowing you spent a day acknowledging the moments and events that took place.


  • Being DAD is an honor and the world thanks you.
    • I mean it dad’s do you know how many dead beat guys there are in this world. Men who call themselves fathers without ever seeing or raising their children. Well I’m here to tell you thank-you for stepping up to the noble call of fatherhood. The journey from man to father is never easy but when done with grace and unconditional love you can truly have a positive impact on your children. You are there role model, you are the one they, in the deepest parts of their heart, wish they could be exactly like. Thank-you for being more than a guy whose changes diapers and carries a heavy car seat. Children not only need you but adore you unconditionally and they deserve the same in return.


  • Continue to surprise and encourage
    • Date nights, flowers, box o’ chocolates, red box movie, finishing the folding of laundry, all these things can be done easily and mean the world. I don’t know if you ever noticed but we give weight to certain things in our life, most of these things are random acts of kindness. Your wife might never ask you for flowers or to finish that load of laundry but when you surprise her by doing these things anyways, well you get a thumbs up. Our spouses see that as a sign of your lifelong commitment to the relationship. Trust me guys it means a lot more than just the fact you did it. Keep up the excitement, it’s not easy and it does take some planning and effort but it’s all worth it.


  • Safety first
    • I want to encourage you to not be cheap. Guys when it comes to the safety of you baby is there any compromise. NO don’t settle for the cheapest used car seat, crib, or changing table. These items hold your baby and like the car seat protect in the event of an accident. I know that financially it can be tough and not everyone can afford the best. That is not what I’m saying though. I’m saying work that extra shift, have a yard sell and get rid of those baseball cards your holding on to for some odd reason. Man up and do the best you can for you and your family. I must give a little plug for my favorite car seat.  I recommend the Graco Snugride 35 for a car seat. This thing is a tank although you will have hulk arms after carrying your bundle of joy around; you can be assured they will be safe in the unlikely event of an accident.


That’s all for now I hope you’re encouraged to be the dad this world really needs!


Dad signing out…




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