Well folks, today is church day woohoo. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get there. So far this morning has been different than the norm. I woke up at 6:21 to a little baby foot jabbing me in the ribs. She is so adorable except when she can’t sleep, and she wakes you up at 3am. Not that I mind or anything haha I do mind people! Come on, when will she sleep through the night like a little princess? When will I get a full night sleep “like a log”? When will the romance be restored, the cuddling, the holding of a hand, or caressing of a foot with my wifey? These are all questions that flood my mind as I wake in and out of consciousness throughout the night. I mean I’m not wrong for wanting these things I know baby Ellie wants her daddy to be bright and chipper for the day ahead, but man. Lately my wife and I have been running on fumes. More like running on reserve fumes uugh.

It’s ok though I have a plan! I love plans, and lists, can’t get over how much I love lists. Should I insert a “plug” for my favorite note taking slash list making app? I think so here it is Catch notes is amazing check it out. (Available on android and ios) Anyways today will be fun, after church I’m selling one of my cars. Trust me it’s a blessing we just found out about a little bill that needs some attention. Slash my wife surprised me with “hey honey you know that old beater of a car you have” yea “we should sell it” haha I said and then I realized she was serious. There is a plus side in this no more insurance payments on the “old beater” as my wife puts it. After the guy, dude man, from down the street comes and picks it up, we are heading over to my dad’s place to celebrate his oldness and a football game. His b-day is on Monday so it should be good times. They always have the best snacks there man I’m already salivating just thinking about it. Its only 8:27am which reminds me I should get some breakfast and wake up Shaina and the baby girl for church!

That’s all for now folks. Tell me what you guys think so far of this bloggity by leaving a comment below!




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  1. Funny thing about you mentioning catch notes. Literally seconds before reading your post I downloaded Color Note App Now I will check out Catch Note. I’ll check out out.

      • I am tooling around with Catch Notes. I like the sharing feature, but I’m thinking that my wife my load up my list for things to pick up on way home. Looks like a handy little app. I’ll check back with you when I figure it better. Thanks for the reference.

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