Weekly Writing Challenge

This post was written as a response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post.

The question for this weeks’ Daily Post is:

Do you mind kids in adult-oriented places such as museums, a fancy restaurant, or even a bar?

Here is my take on it. Being a father naturally I have a tendency to be biased towards kids. In fact I love them. Due to this my initial response was “sure” why not. I probably shouldn’t be doing anything that a kid can’t be around anyways right! Wrong, I started thinking and realized what the question is actually asking. The question is very specific stating: Do you mind kids in adult-oriented places. Well lets’ see adult-oriented places such as a bar? Would I mind, well yes I would. A bar should be adults only mainly for the safety of the kid. The fact of the matter is it depends on the location, what you’re trying to accomplish, and you opinion. I know in some cases for example people can’t afford not to bring the kids with them. Baby sitters are expensive and if you have no one to help you well that’s tough. You might be stuck bringing the kids to the local museum or fancy restraint you can’t reschedule the reservations for.

I like this question because it seems to be asking multiple questions at one time. The first question is; do you mind kids in adult oriented places? The second question could be; what are your moral and ethical standards with allowing kids in adult-oriented places? The third question could be how do you decide whether or not a place or situation is safe or appropriate for kids? These are all solid questions that beg an answer just not one I’m willing to dig into. I would rather look at the internal questions that arose in me while responding to this daily post question.

They were as follows:

What are other peoples take on this issue?

What are other people’s morals and ethics telling them?

I think I can confidently say that we have all experienced a situation in which kids where either unwanted or straight up not allowed. For me I don’t care all that much just keep the kids out of adult swim time!

Dad signing out…


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