10 things new dads should know!

10 things new dads should know!

(In no particular order)


Always have snacks on hand

o No matter where you are always have some munchies for your child and most importantly for yourself. It might be the only meal you eat that day.

Learn to eat fast and first

o Your baby will not like watching you eat so either eat first and quickly or have a box of Cheerios at the ready.

Sleep when you can

o I can’t stress this enough. If baby goes to sleep you go to sleep. There will always be a night in which you don’t get any sleep try to sleep during the day to make up for it. (now I know why my dad always sleeps)

Plan date nights with your spouse

o The relationship between you and your wife will be taking some drastic changes and you need to prepare mentally for this. Plan a weekly or bi weekly date night. You must plan ahead if you don’t it will never happen.

Be ready for anything

o This is hard to fathom but it’s true. You will see things you’ve never seen before. You will endure things you thought weren’t possible. And you will come out on top being the successful father you always knew you could be. As long as you keep an open mind.


o Men this is important you will most likely not remember or have time to shower as much as you once did. Be courteous to the rest of civilization and keep a stick on you at all times.

Ask for help

o Guys we know how hard this one is. Driving along not knowing where the exit is yet saying “honey its right up here” “two more exits”. Reality check raising a child isn’t like navigating a map you need someone to give you directions at times. Ask you parents, grandparents, friends (who also have kids) especially your pediatrician. Remember you’re not in this alone nor should you be.

Spend time with your baby

o This may seem like an obvious thing to do but when you start realize the expenses piling up from diapers, changing table, crib, car seats, strollers, baby food, getting back to work is easy. However choosing to work a few extra hours or picking up a second job may not be the best idea. Your baby needs you whether they know it or not. There is a bond that needs nurturing and can only be done with you there.

Know when to stop

o Sometimes the crying and smelly diapers and lack of social life can put you into a real crummy mood. Take a break tell your spouse you need to take a walk (and actually go walking). Babies never try to annoy you but they have their way of getting under our skin. This is normal and you should know how and when to calm yourself so you don’t hurt or neglect the baby.

Have fun

o Seriously guys this is a big one. Your life is going to change. You might not get that Saturday night with the guys, or the Sunday golf time, or even the 14 hour work days to rake in the overtime dough. This is all ok; you must go with the flow and be ok with change. It’s not easy but God won’t give you anything you can’t handle. Be there for your spouse and your spouse will be there for you.


Just remember a baby is a blessing and nothing less!


There is a ton of things that should be added to this list feel free to comment and have fun!



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